• The building in which you work is old

Wiring in homes or commercial buildings older than 25 will be outdated. The wiring in older buildings and homes is not likely to be able keep up with modern appliances and technology. The wires may have degraded, or they may not comply with current electrical safety standards.

  • Flickering lights

You may only need to tighten or replace the light bulb if your lights are dimming. If they still flicker after changing the bulb, there may be a bigger problem at hand, like loose electrical wiring. For an Exeter Electrician, go to www.slelectricals.co.uk

  • Sparking outlets

Sparks should not appear around the outlet when plugging in something. This can be dangerous and damage your appliances. This indicates that there is too much heat in the outlet. This should be checked by an electrician with the necessary qualifications.

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  • Tripping circuit breakers

It’s normal to see this every now and then, since it’s just a precautionary measure that ensures the system doesn’t get overloaded. If it occurs consistently, you should have your wiring checked.

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  • Burning smells

If you smell a burning odour and cannot identify the source, call an electrician. You may have a short in your wiring behind the walls or under your flooring. This can be extremely dangerous.

It is not only necessary to rewire your office to make it safer for your staff, but it also allows you to redesign the fixtures in order to create an environment that is more user-friendly. You may be using extension cables too often. In this case, you’ll benefit from some new outlets.

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