Striking a Balance Between Design and Function in Web Design

A good web design must strike a balance between form and functionality. It is important to avoid overloading your visitors with information, but also don’t leave them with no way to get what they are looking for. Your customers will appreciate a website that provides a great first impression without being too distracting. If you’re considering making a web design, follow these tips to create a site that has both form and function.

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First, consider the format of the website. Websites and advertisements are often image-heavy, with minimal text. As you design a website, consider the context. Typically, people use websites to look for information, while social media users scroll past ads. A design that uses only one format will be clunky and unattractive, leaving potential customers confused and dissatisfied.

Another important aspect of web design is symmetry. Symmetry is pleasing to the eye and creates a harmonious design. In addition, symmetry is the easiest to achieve. Place elements on either side of a central axis. You can also look for mirror images on either side of an imaginary dividing line. Using symmetry is still the best way to demonstrate balance in web design. Seek help with Web Design Edinburgh at a site such as

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While web design is subjective, incorporating tried-and-true user experience principles into your website can make your visitors feel more at home. Research shows that 88% of website visitors will not return to a website after a bad experience. Therefore, it is important to start caring more about your visitors and keep them in mind during the design process.


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