Tea has long been associated with the UK, and the drinking of a cup of tea is a national ritual that dates back centuries. Once Britain started to trade with other countries in the world, tea was introduced, and the nation embraced it!

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By the early 1800s, tea was being consumed all over the UK and the way of life was changing as the Industrial Revolution was beginning to take hold all over the country. At this time, most people would have two meals per day – first thing in the morning they would have breakfast, and then at around 8pm at night they would have tea.

However, this is a long time to go without eating and many people found they were hungry in the afternoon, and therefore the idea of afternoon tea was born. Consisting of small sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream and of course tea, it became something that many ladies of high society enjoyed, and was a social event as well as a meal, with even Queen Victoria enjoying it.

In this day and age, afternoon tea is not something that is as much a part of life – it is more a treat now, which people tend to enjoy on special occasions, celebrating a birthday for example, or if they are spending the day at a spa hotel.

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