The serious Stargazer of Pisa

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As the continent of Europe began to settle into some kind of order after the turmoil of the dark and middle ages, the Renaissance came and brought a wave of new thoughts and ideas. One of those leading lights was Gailieo Gailliei. He was an Italian astronomer and theorist who would challenge the order, argue with a Pope and almost lose his life over it.

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Writing scientific papers in the 1600s was a dangerous business. The Inquisition was everywhere, seeking out pieces that could be considered heretical. This was where something disagreed with the Bible. In those days, God existed, and there was little or no debate about that. Galileo was a supporter of the Copernican view that the Earth moved around the Sun, and his studies showed that. However, this was against the scripture that had the Earth at the centre of the Universe.

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Ordering the Inquisition to investigate him, you can see that Galileo would have been keen for the assistance of a Laboratory Relocation company like Aport Global to get him out of Pisa pretty sharply. It was too late for the aging Galileo to run, although he would have found patronage elsewhere. He was put on trial and found guilty of being a “suspect of Heresy”. He got off lightly. He was sentenced to house arrest, which lasted for the rest of his life, some eight years later.

He is considered to be one of the greatest scientists to have ever lived and is seen as deeply influential to those who came after him.


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