Three Common Summer Foot Problems

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Summer is here at last and whilst most of us enjoy the summer, this is a time of year to focus on taking care of your feet, as they can suffer with some common problems during the summer months. When you have foot problems, it is best to go to an expert like this podiatrist Worcester based company in order to get your feet back into good health. Here are some of the most common foot problems that people experience during the summer months…

Swollen Feet – Hot weather can cause the blood vessels to expand, and this in turn leads to feet becoming swollen. This can often be worsened if you are having to spend a long time on your feet. In order to reduce the problem, make sure that you stay hydrated, and also wear comfortable footwear that is open and gives your feet space to breathe.

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Fungal Infections – The hot and damp conditions in the summer help foot fungus issues to thrive. In order to keep your feet fungus free, make sure that you wash them regularly in a soap that is antibacterial and also make sure you always dry them thoroughly after getting them wet.

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Blisters – When you change to different footwear in the summer, as well as the fact that heat can swell the foot, this can cause blisters to develop. Blisters on the feet are painful, and if you have them you should resist the urge to pop the blister. Protect it with a special plaster or blister socks until it has healed.

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