Amidst the soaring cost of energy, many households are opting for the installation of solar panels as a means of reducing their bills and carbon emissions, as well as becoming less dependent on the National Grid.

Previous government-backed funding has now ceased. However, there are still loans and grants available for those interested in making their home greener with heat pump technology.

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There is a sustained demand from households who are looking to decarbonise heat in their homes, with the scheme in Scotland supporting the installation of over 2,000 heat pumps last year, an increase of 17% over the previous year.

Helping with the Cost of Solar Panels

There is some solar energy funding available across the UK for those who are living in poverty. This includes help distributed by local authorities, as well as the UK’s Warmer Homes Fund. Some solar companies are now also offering finance deals to make it easier to fund installation.

There are also available options for products such as the energy-efficient mortgage (EEM) which can help you pay for energy upgrades to your home. This may allow for borrowing up to an additional 15% of the value of your home for improvements, subject to an energy efficiency survey.

It is also worth noting that despite there being no availability of solar loans, homes across the UK can still see improved savings on energy prices in the long term by opting for solar power, should they be able to fund the installation.

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Solar Panel Installation

Many specialists in solar panel installation, such as, offer a free initial survey. This will enable you to gain more information on the system requirements for solar panels, options for fitting and an idea of the costs involved. From here you will be able to carry out your own calculations and apply for any grants that you may be eligible for.

Specialist installers can also discuss other options to decarbonise your home and reduce your bills, with information, advice and the supply of heat pumps, water pumps and battery storage.

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