As fossil fuels begin  and the question of whether we should be using them at all echoes around the world, what alternative fuel sources can we actually use?  The UK is still reliant on oil and gas to provide its electrical power.  This was confirmed by recent actions of the prime minister to confirm new sites being built in the North Sea.  This will make it difficult for the UK to meet its targets on climate change and also put fresh pressure on the World.  What alternatives are there to powering our homes rather than simply burning resources?

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The immediate answer may lie in the use of the sun.  Solar panels are not a new invention,  in fact they have been around for almost a century,  and they are currently in their most effective period of production.  as the Solar Panel Installers Weston will tell you the only needs to be a small degree of light to heat up and power a   photo voltaic cell.  While it’s true  that direct sunlight is the best option, development of the solar panel means that even the smallest degree of light is enough to create a charge for the battery inside.

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There may well come a time when all of our homes are installed with some kind of solar panel.  it may well be a good idea to get ahead of the game and take advantage of the support available to get one now.

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