Common Things Made From Leather

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Leather is a material that’s commonly used to make clothing, footwear and handbags as well as furniture and tools. It also is found in the automotive industry and in sporting goods, including baseball bats and football gloves. In addition, people often use the fabric to craft small accessories like cuffs and tie clips and to make fashion jewellery, such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Leather can be made from a variety of animals, although most common is hide from cows. Other leathers come from pigs; goats and kids (young goats); sheep and lambs; exotic animals, such as snakes and alligators; and even fish.

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The tanning process is an ancient art. The process starts with fresh animal skins that are dried, softened and preserved using a combination of drying in the sun, salting, soaking in water and beating with brains or fat. In the 19th century, power-driven machines began to perform the tanning and fleshing processes. For a range of Mens Handmade Leather Belts, take a look at

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The most common things made from leather are boots, shoes and slippers. They are often crafted from tanned cowhide, but they can also be made from other types of animal skins. Other leathers include cuir bouilli, French for boiled leather; pull-up leather, which stretches over time and becomes more worn, providing a unique, worn-in look; and saffiano leather, a finish with a cross-hatch pattern created by machine and typically made from calfskin. People also make a wide range of personal accessories from the fabric, such as wrist watch straps and cases.


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