Encourage children without obsessing them

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Encourage children without obsessing them and without being in control of them every minute of the day. Do not obsess them, give realistic goals and the time necessary to achieve them. Enhance your talents, curiosities, and passions: they serve to be independent. Have dinner together, at least once a week.


The children must fall, peel the knee, enjoy the thrill of freedom and autonomy. And they cannot be caged by the hyper-protective attitudes of the helicopter parents who, in turn, and sometimes even together, are always checking. Children must fall to grow, and they must also make mistakes. Rather on this path which means looking out on life and its unknowns, it is important to find the right way to encourage children.


In this regard, there are two types of parents. The first includes fathers and mothers who continually reprimand their children in various ways. They are never happy, and always have some objections to make. The second group, on the other hand, includes parents who exaggerate in the opposite direction, and I thought of gratifying their children by virtue of compliments, even when they do not deserve them. Two opposing attitudes, but with equal results: making children less secure.


Encourage children

Here are 10 rules to keep in mind, instead, to encourage children in a more balanced way. We wrote them through the advice of some experts.

Give realistic goals to your children. Especially at school, but also in sport, one should not think of becoming all of the champions, but also not indolent donkeys. Measure your goals based on their potential, which you know well.

At least once a week, dine with them, in an attitude of mutual intimacy. With one recommendation: no cellphones on the table.

Give it time and be patient. Safety in one’s own means is acquired over time, in fact, and is metabolized with a rhythm that is certainly not that of the moment, completely and immediately.

Don’t obsess with children with feeding and dieting. And not even with the weight on the scale. Anorexia is lurking. And don’t stand around the corner, like gendarmes, filling their time with organized activities.

Be positive about their fitness and their look. And also respect aesthetic tastes that you don’t share. Autonomy is also born from these details.

Help, but don’t be martyrs. And set an example with naturalness, joy and also a lot of ironies. Precious elements to feel strong and encouraged.

TV exists and you cannot eliminate it. But sometimes try to look at it together: it thus strengthens the relationships, the different opinions and the understanding between you.

Enhance their talents. Do they have a passion for dance? Cultivate it. Do they want to sing? Do it, even in front of you as spectators.

Constructive, and not generic, criticisms. Enter the merits of an objection, without always chasing the maximum systems.

Believe in them, cheer and support them. In short, start with a good intention: “I trust you.” And be consistent with this rule.

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