Many homeowners are considering ways in which they can help alleviate some of the impact of rising energy prices and Solar Panels like the ones from is one way to achieve this.

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If you are considering having solar panels installed there are a number of things that you need to consider.

Location – it is important that you assess where the sunniest spots are in your location and whether this will provide you with enough sunlight in the areas where you plan on installing your solar panels. A roof that faces south is best as this will receive most of the sunlight from the Northern Hemisphere.

Roof suitability – the pitch, orientation and condition of your roof will also determine whether you have enough space to have enough solar panels placed on the roof to give you adequate energy.

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Energy required – the size of your household and the energy demands that you have will give you an indication of the number of panels that you will need. One of the best ways to achieve this is to look at your current energy bills and see what your annual electricity usage is.

Budget – it is important to consider the cost of installing solar panels and always use a reputable company to install them. There may be finance options available if you need them. You can also look at any government incentives that may be running at the time.


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