Why the mobile era demands great design

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Your website is the first thing that many of your customers will see when they encounter your brand, so it is important that it looks good. A website that is slow to load, hard to read or difficult to navigate will drive away a lot of potential visitors before they have even read a single page.

Google understands the importance of mobile friendliness, and rolled out some significant updates to its algorithm on April 21st to reflect that. This update prioritises mobile friendly websites in the rankings for users who are conducting searches – in particular local ones – on mobile devices. Websites that do not cater to mobile users will still rank well in the SERPs for searches conducted on desktops, but given that desktop web traffic is actually now lower than mobile web traffic in many parts of the world, no business can afford to ignore mobile users.

What does mobile friendly mean?

The mobilegeddon update, as it is being called, covers several things. Google looks at the content provided by the site to make sure that mobile and desktop users are both being served the same kind of content. If you redirect a user who clicked a deep link to a specific page on your desktop site, so that they land on a mobile homepage, this is considered bad practice. If your site takes more than eight seconds to load, you will be driving users away. In addition, if your site is hard to navigate because it is designed with menu links that are close together, or small form elements that are hard to activate on a touch-screen, then Google will identify this, and will prioritise other more user-friendly pages in the search results. Simple changes, such as bigger check-boxes and more spacing between links can make a huge difference to the end-user experience.

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Focus on usability

A good mobile friendly design will be user friendly and look good on all platforms, not just on mobiles. Modern, responsive designs such as those offered by web design house, a company that offers web design in Newport, are built to offer all of the features you would expect from a desktop website, but to also scale in a flexible and fluid way for mobile users. This means that users can get the information they need, without too much hassle.

Google believes that users interact with the web based on certain moments – the times they want to ‘know something’, ‘do something’ or ‘go somewhere’. Google provides users with a service – the ability to find the information they need during those moments. If the search engine provides users with poorly designed pages, the user’s won’t remember that Acme Co’s website has purple links on a red background, they’ll remember that they searched for information and Google presented them with a page they couldn’t read. To avoid this problem, Google is rewarding webmasters who have good designs – and that’s why you have to invest in great design for your page.

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