The Rise of the Mobile Phone2

The Rise of the Mobile Phone

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Modern mobile phones are something that most of us have and take for granted nowadays. We have so much at the touch of a button that can be carried around in our pocket, and it can be easy to forget, even for the older people who grew up without mobile phones, that we ever went without them.

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They have become such a big part of our world nowadays – stores such as this Vodafone Tullamore based shop, King Communications can be found in most parts of the world now, and they enable us to have information at our fingertips – from using a phone to produce a boarding pass for a flight, to dealing with our banking, they are so much more than a communications device (although they were lifeline to many people over the last eighteen months during the pandemic for communications).

The mobile phones that we carry around with us now contain very powerful computers – in fact, it is well known that the computing power of a modern smartphone is more than that of the computer which helped the Apollo 11 astronauts make it to the moon and back!

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Although smartphones may feel like they have been a part of our lives forever, the first idea for a smartphone was not dreamed up until 1992 by IBM. Since then, as technology improved, and mobile phones became part of the mainstream culture they have been transformed from basic communication devices to powerful modern assistants that many people couldn’t do without!

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