1. Box your items properly

If your move does not include packing services, you will be responsible for properly packaging the majority of your possessions before your movers arrive. Before you begin packing, ensure you have all the necessary supplies and boxes. For each room, you’ll need a variety of sturdy corrugated boxes in different sizes, along with dividers, bubble wrap and foam pouches for fragile items.

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  1. Tell the movers where to park

Parking is a simple but important detail that’s often overlooked when moving. On moving day, your movers will not forget about it. Most likely, your driver will contact you the day of the move to inform you that they are coming and ask you where to park. You’ll have to find a place for the large moving truck if you haven’t worked out a deal with the moving company. If it’s not in your driveway, you will need to obtain a street parking permit or special permission to park in a shared drive. For a Removal Company Cheltenham, visit express-removals.co.uk/removal-companies-near-me/removals-cheltenham

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  1. Prepare your home for protection

It’s your responsibility to protect and prepare both the old and new house before the movers arrive. You’ll want to protect your home from water damage if the weather is rainy, icy, or snowy. Place large blankets and tarps on the doors, doorsteps, hallway, entryway, and foyer to prevent mud from tracking through. To avoid damaging hardwood floors, cover them with a blanket or tarp no matter what the weather.

  1. Be sure that your furniture can fit through the doors

A professional moving company can move your furniture from your old house to your new home without any problems. If your doorways are small, or if the furniture is large and bulky, you may want to let them know. So they can prepare and have the necessary supplies ready for your move. You should measure your sofas, pianos, and other large objects to ensure they will fit through the door or window.

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