Six tricks to find cheap tickets

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If you want to travel and think that you will spend a lot of money, rest assured since here we show you all the tips for you to find the cheapest tickets on the Internet.

At this time of year more than one goes on vacation and what better than to take advantage of this time traveling. But since we know that you do not want to spend more than necessary, here we show you everything you must do to get cheap tickets on the internet. Try and see.

Flight search engine: To get a cheap fare can use price comparison sites:,,,, and These will help you find the cheapest prices on airlines and agencies for the same destination.Six tricks to find cheap tickets

Travel with a stopover is not necessarily the cheapest: Many times, even if it is a flight with a stopover, its price can be higher than a direct flight, when it has not been purchased taking into account the season in which the trip will be made.
Frequent Flyer: If you are a frequent flyer, sign up for a points program. In this way, each time you travel you will accumulate a number of points that will later allow you to redeem free tickets or a ticket at a lower cost.Six tricks to find cheap tickets

Days to travel: Choose to travel between the first or last flights of the day, since they are usually the cheapest.Six tricks to find cheap tickets

Best days: According to a study by the United States travel agency CheapAir, which was based on the comparison of flight fares from June to September, the best days to save on ticket reservations are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, since you will save the US $ 60 compared to traveling on the weekend

Cheapest seats: The cheapest seats are located in the middle and rear of the plane, choosing these seats can be a great saving.

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