Corrects lip asymmetries

Subtly uneven lips don’t always stand out because everyone’s face has a certain amount of asymmetry. Moderately disproportionate lips are a concern and can affect a person’s confidence.

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Lip filler can be used to correct asymmetries. If one side of the lips isn’t as full as another, or if someone has a scar, lip filler could correct this. It would change the lip shape to match that of the other side. The ultimate goal is to make the lips appear proportionate.

The appearance of fine wrinkles on the lips and mouth is reduced

Lip thinning is one of the most visible signs of aging. The fillers used allow different levels of filling, ranging from light to full, depending on what the patient wants and needs. For Lip Fillers Exeter, contact

Many patients in their 50s and 60s come to have the fine lines around mouths addressed. Many people call them smoker’s lines, although most of them aren’t smokers. They’re vertical lines that rise from the lip’s edge, and they want that addressed.

Whether or not you smoke, these fine lines around the mouth are a result of a dynamic imbalance caused by the thickening muscles with years of activity, and the skin thinning. Fillers are great at treating and smoothing these fine lines, thus reversing the signs of ageing.

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Lip shape and Cupid’s Bow

Another group of patients may have lips that are not symmetrical, but instead, the borders of the lips blend into the skin. You can easily add some dimension by strategically placing filler along the lip line to define the Cupid’s Bow and sharpen the natural lip line.

Adds natural fullness

There is no group of women that cannot benefit from fillers, whether they are younger women looking for a fuller look or older women wanting a refreshed appearance.

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