Famous for its splendid beaches and luxurious nights, the seventh largest city in the United States by number of inhabitants is sometimes considered a superficial city. Some areas may actually be a bit kitschy and showy, but Miami is still an exceptional destination, which can fascinate beach lovers and those who will be happy sipping a cocktail in front of the ocean, but also those who love nature or is a passionate about art and culture.

1. Because you can go to the beach all year

Thanks to temperatures that almost never fall below 20°C, Miami has a great climate for going to the beach all year round (but keep in mind that July is the hottest month).

2. For beaches worthy of the Caribbean

The kilometric beaches that you will find in Miami are among the most beautiful in the world! Crystal clear waters and white sand form the perfect backdrop for days spent in the tropical sun. Sports enthusiasts can also try their hand at a large amount of activities to keep taking care of their bodies!

3. For fun … accessible day and night!

It is known that Miami is the mecca of the “party”. If you like the atmosphere of Latin evenings, you will find many bars and nightclubs in line with your tastes! Head to downtown Miami to discover the hub of entertainment and festivities and don’t miss the opportunity to spend an evening in the Midtown and Wynwood neighborhoods filled with hippy bars.

4. Due to its varied and fascinating nature

Located between two national parks, the city of Miami is a great starting point for 100% natural excursions. To the west, the Everglades marshland is populated by 200,000 alligators and is very popular with trekkers and canoeists. On the other hand, Biscayne National Park includes magnificent protected islands and the only living coral reef in all of America.

5. Because it is a shopper’s paradise!

Miami is one of the best places in the United States to do good business. Most of the major international brands as well as some very interesting shops are located on Collins Avenue and Lincoln Road or in one of the city’s many shopping malls. Give yourself to the mad joy by dedicating yourself to unbridled shopping!

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6. For art galleries and the Art Deco style neighborhood

Between the Art Deco district of Miami Beach, Wynwood Wall and the art galleries that are opening up in every corner of the city, particularly in the Design District, Miami has become a real city of art. It therefore has much to offer to culture enthusiasts.

7. For its Latin culture

Sometimes considered the capital of Latin America, Miami is in fact deeply influenced by Latin culture and in particular Cuban culture. The area of Calle 8, also known as “Little Havana” is famous for the Cuban population that lives there and hosts many Latin culture festivals every year: Calle Ocho Festival, Three Kings Parade or Viernes Culturales.

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8. For gastronomy influenced by Cuba, Mexico and Haiti

Thanks to its large Latin community, Miami boasts one of the best kitchens in the United States! Those who visit can taste delicious banana chips, “chicharrón” (fried meat), tacos or “pan con minuta” (fried fish sandwich); and if you are more “classic”, you will find the traditional hot dogs and hamburgers.

9. Because in Florida you find the best amusement parks in the world

When you go to visit Miami you have the opportunity to discover the Orlando theme parks, including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Legoland and of course the famous SeaWorld. There’s really something for everyone!

10. Due to its proximity to the Florida Keys, a small earthly paradise

The Florida Keys are an archipelago, in the Straits of Florida, just over a hundred kilometers from Cuba. A tropical paradise and an ideal place for diving, to take boat trips and enjoy the relaxing and dreamlike atmosphere of the Caribbean … unbelievable!

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