Wedding Trends for 2020

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As with any industry, there are changes and trends. Trends can be found in the wedding photography world and here are some of the popular ones predicted to big in 2020:

More casual weddings

The days of the traditional wedding and formal wedding ceremonies have eased with more relaxed and informal events expected to increase. Couple looks to celebrate in a more relaxed and friendly setting, with a focus on people and less about perfection in the details. Although it is not a specific photographic trend, it will make a difference in the wedding industry and the style of wedding couples seem to want.

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Reportage, also known as documentary wedding photography is a very popular, relaxed and informal style, capturing small details, the emotions in your face, beautiful moments and the reaction is priceless. For a St Giles House Wedding, visit a site like First Look Photos

This popular wedding trend has been around for some time now and is still going strong. Some brides like to capture the moment their father sees them in the bridal gown for the first time, or a reaction from mothers and bridesmaids to the big reveal of the dress.

Social media

Some couples are turning away from social media. It is used every day and is very popular, so it can be frustrating for some couples to have photos posted all over social media and showing the wedding dress etc. Popular trends include requesting that guests do not post anything on social media until the day ends. You also want your guests to enjoy and be engaged with you during the day, not glued to a device. You will have a professional photographer on site, so remind your guests of this beforehand.

On the other hand, some couples want to see pictures that the guests take, and actually welcome or may want to see all the photos that people have snapped, during the evening party and reception, for example. A further benefit of social media is that you can set up a wedding hashtag for guests to upload photos to.

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Selfie Shots

In an age of evolving technology, it’s just a matter of time before the shot selfie departed. Let’s face it-the narcissist is a big part of the community-based vernacular and the Internet these days. Thus, the social-media-savvy couples prepare “selfie station” for their friends and family, along with a beautiful background, shoot themselves having fun at the wedding.

Shots Proposal

Not quite wedding day photography but increasing numbers of prospective grooms-to-be hire photographers to document their proposals so that the moment can be captured and looked back at many times over by the couple, and shared with family and friends. This crazy trend is expanding rapidly in the wedding photography industry and it is a great way to relive the moment you get down on one knee and allows you and your partner to see family reactions while getting some lovely photos on the spot.


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