Tips and tricks to update your home without leaving home

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We have been home for many days, and although we are beginning to go out little by little, we continue to spend more time than ever at home. This has made many of us begin to see our house with different eyes. Now is when you really realize if your house, your home, is a nice and comfortable place where you like to be every day.

It may be in your head to change furniture, textiles, accessories If you feel that you want to change your home from top to bottom, stop to think about what you have and how to give it a spin. I am going to leave you some tips and tricks to decorate your home without leaving home.

But if this is not your case, if all the furniture in the house is to be changed in your head, I also suggest that you do the first exercise. Space planning is the foundation for any space to work.

Let’s go there?

Change the furnitureTips and tricks to update your home

Make a small scale plan with a sheet of pictures and on the other hand, also to scale, draw each of the furniture in your space. Play with them and test how you can place them to get a new space.

When you do this exercise it is important that you take into account the passage areas, the furniture with drawers or cabinets, and the size of each of the furniture. Make all the combinations you can think of and choose the best option.

You can also move furniture by eye, but if you measure and draw first, you will not change the furniture in vain. And it is that moving the sofa from one side to another so that the result is not what you are looking for You will not like anything!

Change the textilesTips and tricks to update your home

Look around your house and take a good look at all your textiles. Why not try putting your bedroom curtains in your living room and upside down?

You can do this exercise with all the textiles you have in your home. Curtains, cushions, rugs

But not only that, try to customize them a little, creating some nice tassels or pom-poms and place them on your cushions. A little personal touch that makes it unique.

Change pictures and accessoriesTips and tricks to update your home

Just like textiles, try changing the pictures. Remove them from one side and put them on the other, change the frames, or customize them. Exchange a mirror for a painting, or try hanging that beautiful plate you bought in Portugal.

Another idea you can do is if you have beautiful fabrics or leftover wallpaper is to use them to create new paintings

Try making combinations that you wouldn’t normally do. Try it on the ground before you start drilling holes and let your imagination run wild.

Throw away everything you don’t need

Well, who says to throw, says to donate, but you already understand what I mean.

That piece of furniture that you don’t use and that hinders you at all hours. Or maybe that oversized support table you shouldn’t have bought. Maybe your memories of the beach or that vase they gave you and that horrify you to see it every day.

Our home is a reflection of ourselves. Do not have anything at home that you do not want, that you do not like or that bothers you. You may not be able to throw a table too big to buy another one right now, but be aware that you need that change.

Everything else, shake it off these days. Do not think about it. Do it. Lower the level of objects you have in your home and you will feel a great liberation.

Take the opportunity to paint and do not stay with smooth white walls, you can create geometric shapes that are now trending and give it a unique touch with paint. If you do not have enough paint, you can already buy safely in many online stores. So dare.

Only with paint can you transform a boring wall into the focal point of that room. Do you dare to try?

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