Imagine a severe hurricane or tropical storm hitting your home. Your windows might break, allowing windborne debris to enter your home and cause significant damage. Investing in impact-resistant windows can prevent this type of disaster and reduce insurance costs. They also offer other benefits that make them a good choice for any homeowner.


The most significant benefit of impact windows is their ability to protect homes from hurricanes and other severe weather events. They are also a strong deterrent to intruders as they are challenging to break through and more visually appealing than window bars. In addition, when an impact-rated window or door breaks, it does not form large, jagged shards of glass but rather into rounded, pebble-like pieces. It dramatically reduces the likelihood of injury to your family and pets, as well as property damage and cleanup costs. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, upgrading to impact resistant windows West Palm Beach is an important decision. Compared to trying to board up your home, these windows offer longer-term protection that can save your insurance costs. They are also safer.


The multi-layered design of impact-resistant windows prevents debris from flying through a home during severe weather events. While traditional windows can shatter into dangerous jagged shards during a hurricane, impact glass breaks into rounded pebble-like pieces. It remains adhered to the interlayer, protecting you and your loved ones from potential injury.

In addition to defending against damaging wind and rain, impact windows can also deter forced entries from intruders. Their thick laminated construction makes them difficult for criminals to break into, making impact windows an intelligent investment for homeowners looking for peace of mind and safety. The multiple layers of impact glass reduce exterior noises and create a peaceful indoor environment. In addition, these windows block harmful UV rays that can damage floors, drapes, and furniture over time.

Energy Efficiency

The same heavy-duty construction that protects homes and families from debris propelled by severe storms and hurricanes also reduces the noise inside the house. This feature makes impact windows an excellent choice for homeowners in urban areas or busy neighborhoods. The thick layers of the impact-resistant window help trap heat in the winter and block out the sun’s hot rays during the summer, which helps to lower annual energy bills. Additionally, the tight seal blocks out street and neighborhood noise, allowing homeowners to enjoy their homes in relative peace. Many cities located in hurricane-prone regions require impact-resistant windows for new homes and in existing homes receiving replacement windows and doors. The safety and security benefits, as well as the potential insurance savings from installing these windows, may make them worth the investment for any homeowner.


You don’t have to sacrifice style for security with impact windows and doors. They are available in various types and materials to complement any architectural style. We’ve all seen the horrifying photos after a storm: 2x4s speared through windows, shattered glass covering possessions and furniture. By investing in impact-resistant windows, you can protect your home and family from the potential damage of high winds and flying debris. Not only that, but impact windows block 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can cause sunburns and degrade fabric, paintings, and other interior coverings over time. It makes them a smart choice for your home and also helps reduce cooling costs. The ENERGY STAR rating is a bonus.

Noise Reduction

From revving motors, honking horns, and construction noises to loud neighbors who love mowing their lawns at 8 AM on Sunday mornings, unwanted sounds can make your home less tranquil and enjoyable. Fortunately, impact windows and doors provide an excellent solution for eliminating unwanted noise. The thick laminated glass and sturdy framing of impact windows can significantly reduce noise pollution. It creates a much quieter, more comfortable environment for work, play, and sleep. While impact windows have lots of benefits for homeowners in hurricane-prone areas, the truth is they can enhance any home. If you’re building your dream home or doing a renovation project, consider adding impact windows and doors for their security, energy efficiency, and noise reduction benefits. You won’t regret it! And they only require a one-time installation.


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