What Is a Fluidizer?

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There are many types of industrial blenders. A fluidizer is one that is relatively new but is worth knowing about. 


If you are familiar with a ribbon blender, you are halfway to understanding these new machines. The difference is inside the mixing chamber. Inside, you will notice that many blades spin in all different directions. They are also cocked at an angle and are much shorter than traditional industrial mixer blades. This gives you a faster blend. You will really notice the difference if you are upgrading from a ribbon blender, which has longer and slower-moving blades. 


When this machine is blending, a countercurrent flow is created in the mixing chamber. This means that it works like a paddle blender, but with a much faster blending rate. Combining this flow and speed, these machines have a lot more blending power than traditional mixers. Meanwhile, they can be altered, so they are just as gentle as a paddle blender but much faster. 


When purchasing these blenders, you will get to choose your features, such as the cubic footage of your mixing chamber. The standard features your mixer will come with include stainless steel lid handles and backrests, overlapping seals, hinge safety grades, safety switches, and direct drive motors. You will also be able to choose the horsepower of your machine.

From there, you will want to evaluate the materials you are mixing, such as bed gasifiers or pharmaceuticals, and choose what other features you want. For instance, you may want to add a coating that can be used for mixing foods, chemicals, or pharmaceuticals. You may also want to choose a heavier duty machine. Additionally, you can ask for things like customized leg lengths or holes in the lids. Although these customizations add to your total costs, they will help you produce more product quicker and quickly pay for themselves. 

Whatever customizations you choose to go with, you must purchase your mixer from a reputable blending company. Many lower-end companies do not have the technology to make these machines because they are new to the industry. Just be prepared to pay a little more since this product requires many high-quality materials. However, they are very flexible, and many business owners will tell you that they are worth it. 

These machines are becoming very popular in the industrial blending field. Aside from their faster blending capabilities and increased power, they offer many options so you can customize and find the perfect blender for your business. 


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