Working from home is not always the bed of roses people imagine. Many people were forced to work from uncomfortable kitchen tables during the recent pandemic. It made many people appreciate the office working environment. If this has given you pause for thought about how you can improve your office workplace, read on for some top tips:

  • Lighting

People’s moods can be significantly affected by lighting. Natural light is far superior in terms of happiness and productivity. If there isn’t enough in your office, consider warm tone bulbs or those that are blue-enriched, for example. These can reduce fatigue.

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  • Flexibility

Create different zones and let staff choose where they are most comfortable working. A mix of sit and stand desks, more comfortable office chairs, plants and even exercise balls can make a workplace more attractive and provide greater satisfaction for those who wish to work in different ways.

  • Amenities

Think about the small ways you can improve the working life of your staff. Access to healthy snacks, fresh drinking water and fresh air are great ways to boost morale, improve fitness and reduce staff fatigue. For Water Coolers Wales, go to This way you know your staff can stay hydrated.

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  • Communication

Leadership should focus on inclusive communication that helps staff feel valued and appreciated. Positive reinforcement and being shown how their work contributes to the success of the business will lead to a happier workforce who are more willing to go the extra mile.


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