As we work in an increasingly difficult job market, how you can secure a new role or become more and more of a struggle to achieve?  It is not simply enough to have the academic qualifications on paper,  employers also look for the amount of experience you have gained in life and work outside of the role.  One of the most important elements they will be looking for is our translatable skills.  It can be difficult to get these skills if you have to maintain a regular full-time job or if you are not in work in the first place to be able to build up these skills.

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What are the best options for gaining these relevant qualities? Volunteering can be an enjoyable and straightforward answer. Volunteer Jobs Port Talbot Way and elsewhere, can allow you to gain the soft skills and people skills required that so many employers need.

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There’s also the opportunity to volunteer in the sector that you are looking to get into as a field of work.  Although this role is not paid, many companies and organisations offer reward schemes such as free meals, drinks and travel expenses to make the transition a little easier.  Volunteering intersection that you want to work in enables you to gain an insight into what’s involved.  If nothing else, volunteering in a sector may also convince you that it might not be a field that you want to actually become involved in at a future date.


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