One of the most common foot complaints that many people suffer from at some point is athlete’s foot. It is caused by a fungal infection and it leads to the skin on the foot becoming cracked, red and blistered and it can become very painful if not treated by a professional like this podiatrist Worcester based company

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Athlete’s foot is common because it can easily be caught from skin that has been shed from someone else that has it. Communal places where people are often barefoot such as gyms and swimming pools are places where lots of people catch athletes’ foot (this is why is it known as athletes’ foot, as these sorts of places are commonly where it is caught from)

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Once you have the fungus on your foot, it needs the right conditions to grow – lots of the conditions are easily provided as it needs to be warm and damp, so inside of a shoe and a sock is the perfect place for a fungus to flourish!

To reduce the risk of catching athletes’ feet, there are a few things that you can do. Making sure that you always dry your feet properly after you shower will stop the feet from being damp. Not sharing footwear with others is also something you should be aware of. You also need to make sure that you dry your feet last and don’t use the towel on the rest of your body, as athletes’ feet can spread to other parts of the body this way.

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