If you would like to live somewhere that is sunny, friendly and beautiful but not too far from the UK, then Greece is a great place to look into. In addition to all of the previously mentioned benefits of living in Greece, there is also the option of using the Greece citizenship by investment program https://georgakilawfirm.com/services/golden-visa-programs which then means that once you have purchased a property over the required threshold, you are then a Greek resident so don’t have to worry about how much time you spend there.

Whether you want it for a holiday, a place to spend the winter somewhere warmer, or you plan to move over to Greece fully, here are some of the places to consider living…

Athens – You can’t think of Greece without the historic capital of Athens. If you like city living, then Athens is the place to be. Full of activities as well as delicious food in abundance, Athens is great for those who want to immerse themselves in Greek culture, as well as for employment and transport links.

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Chania – Head to the beautiful island of Crete for a relaxed lifestyle and plenty of history. If you want a place that has plenty going on but you can still relax and unwind on a beautiful beach then Crete is well worth looking into.

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Rhodes – The island of Rhodes gives you that traditional Greek lifestyle but there is still plenty on offer on the island if you want it. From the beautiful beaches to the stunning countryside, if you like outdoors then Rhodes is a great place to be.

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