Struggling with poor Mental Health and why it’s SO important to talk to somebody

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In our modern-day culture and living the frantic Lifestyles we do today, it’s no wonder many ordinary people struggle with poor mental health.  Reasons for many of the negative feelings people can experience are, not getting enough daily exercise, sitting for hours in front of a computer, feeling lonely and isolated, real anxiety, fear and even panic, these feelings are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how some exist every day.

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Luckily, many famous people have been brave enough to step forward and admit that they have struggled with Mental Health issues, and they have encouraged others to speak out and ask for help.  Talking about how you feel is a great first step, admitting that something is wrong, and you are unhappy is the next.  Just sharing with someone who will listen and genuinely cares about you will really help. Try to take positive steps yourself, get out of the house, if you can, walk in the local fields or woods, learn breathing techniques and calming strategies. Talk to a professional who has taken part in some Mental Health Training Courses run by a professional company such as, so that they can fully understand and help with the emotions you are feeling.

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Good Mental health should never be taken for granted, anybody at any age can succumb to feelings of despair and struggle with anxieties, do something positive everyday and take time for yourself to help prevent this happening to you.


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