How potholes can damage your car

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If you have been a consistent driver for the last ten years or so, you will have begun to notice a worrying trend in our road system. Despite the regular payment of road tax and council tax, it seems that potholes are growing. They are becoming more common, more profound and, more importantly, not dealt with by the authorities. In some cases, people have taken to filling them in themselves with soil and growing plants until the council warned them not to with legal action!

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They can do some severe damage if you go into one. The best course of action is to avoid them entirely because they are trouble for a car. They can make a real mess of your wheels and are liable to buckle and bend them. If you have alloys, they can become severely scratched. Luckily, the Alloy Repair Cheltenham based outfit are on hand to fix this problem.

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The suspension of your car can also be severely affected. The most common issue is the tracking being put out. This results in the tread of the wheel being worn unevenly. It’s an all too recurring sight to see the alignment put out of whack on a car so that it needs readjusting. Some motorists have pursued claims in court and stated that they wouldn’t pay the road tax until something is done.


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