Tips To Get The Best From Your Car Tyres

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According to an estimate, 70 percent of vehicle owners check and maintain the tire pressure in their vehicles, 29 percent are driving around at unsafe levels. Overall, more than half of the adults that live in cities and villages do not have a proper understanding of vehicle maintenance; therefore are unable to take care of their tyres correctly, increasing the risk for fatal accidents.

When choosing a new set of tyres your vehicle’s capabilities, driving habits, and the weather in your area should be the first things that you consider. Check out this guide for more specific information about the kinds of tyres to choose for your vehicle, based on what you drive most often.

These tips will help you stay on top of the maintenance process for your tyres to ensure your safety and increase the longevity of your tyres:

Rotate Tyres

Most drivers are aware that front tyres experience greater wear than rear ones. However, drivers are reluctant to visit car tyre dealers because it takes a lot of time to rotate tyres. Make sure you visit your tyre dealer after every 4000 – 5000 km’s.

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Avoid tyres to extreme temperature

High temperatures increase the pressure in your vehicle’s tyres, causing them to expand. As the tyres expand, they will rotate on the very hot asphalt, leading to a very dangerous situation. When tyres are placed on a roadway made of asphalt, the combination of the two materials creates friction, which in turn creates stress on the tyres. This can lead to blowouts in some cases.

Even though heat has long been known to be a major factor affecting tyre performance, many drivers do not take this into account.

New tyres to the rear

Tyre dealers suggest that when you are replacing the tyres on your car, it is always advisable to install new tyres on the back axle. The wheels with the deepest treads will help to keep the vehicle steady during harsh weather conditions, especially during rain.

Failure to maintain proper control in a wheel driven vehicle is dangerous because the back tyres can go out of grip first and potentially send the vehicle into an uncontrollable skid, slip or hydroplane. Thus, it is essential for drivers of wheel driven vehicles to keep proper control over their vehicles and pay significant attention to the back wheels.

Tyre pressure

It is crucial to check your tyre pressure regularly. Experts recommend checking it once per month, before long road trips, and in the morning when pressure is more stabilized.It is also important to check your tyres after a heavy rainfall or when driving through deep puddles of water, as these can cause your tyres to deflate and affect your driving experience.

It is important to keep your vehicle’s tyres at the recommended pressure. Low-pressure tyres will not provide adequate traction on wet surfaces.Check the owner’s manual for correct pressures or look for that information on the car door.


The importance of vehicle maintenance cannot be overstated, without it driving can be a dangerous activity. Therefore it is recommended that you check and maintain the tire pressure in your vehicles every month. Doing this will greatly help to prolong the life of your tyres and increase the safety margins for yourself, fellow drivers, and those around you.


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