Do I Need Downlight Covers

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Downlights have become increasingly popular. Especially in kitchen and living room spaces. They can help to make a room feel bigger as the lights are positioned in the ceiling space. The downlights that you use can help to create a wonderful ambiance in the rooms and you can find lights that will change and those that will change light intensity.

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It is important that you have the downlights installed correctly and that you use Downlight Covers like the ones that are available from around the lights. These covers are incredibly useful for a number of different reasons.

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Aesthetics – it is incredibly difficult to get a downlight to fit in the space that has been created in the ceiling exactly and there is nothing more unsightly than uneven gaps around the edges of the light. This is where downlight covers can help to remove the gaps and to create a perfect look.

Energy – when the holes are created in your ceiling for the downlights to be placed into, they create a space in which draughts can occur. This can then cause the heat that you create in the room below to escape. Downlight covers help to remove the space for draughts and can actually reflect the heat that is created by the bulbs back into the room below.

Bugs – small bugs like to create homes in spaces like those used for downlights. The covers help prevent the bugs from creating homes in the space.


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