How we use concrete

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Concrete is easily the most useful, versitiale and frequently used building material in the world. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to go anywhere without seeing it somewhere. How do we use concrete? It’s something that Concrete Stroud based company can easily answer. We use it for pretty much everything.

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  1. Foundations. Any building, wherever it is built needs to have a good solid foundation for it to be placed on. Depending on the size and scale of the building going up, the foundations need to be deep and thick. All the weight of the building is going to be resting on this base and it’s important that it supports it and keeps out damp and dirt that causes subsidence.
  2. Art. Many artists like to use concrete as a medium. It’s very good when it comes to making public art works. This is because it is hard wearing and can take a good weathering if protected correctly. As it can be moulded it can be set into any concentric shape that the artist might like to create.

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  1. Large living blocks. Whole estates were designed and created with concrete in mind. After the Second World war the need to put decent homes for people was paramount. Concrete, because it was quick and easy to put up, was used to create new, open and clean areas for people to live and play in.
  2. Office blocks and Shopping centres. Modern and efficient designs were the order of the day from the 1960s onwards. Huge concrete edifices for business and commerce were the answer.

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