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There is an increasing focus on the need to make sure that businesses are more secure. The data that you hold, the employees that you employ and the assets of the building and its contents all need to be protected. Whilst you can invest in security guards and the like there is a way that you can restrict access to the internal part of the building. Keeping an issue in reception or externally is usually the best plan.

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With a Visitor Management System, like that from employers can ensure that only employed colleagues, and those authorised to enter, will be in the building at any given time. Colleagues are issued with a card or they can log into a system as soon as they return to the office.

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To control the flow of visitors, it is even better. Anyone wishing to come onto site needs to have logged in. The advantage of this stop and check is that they have to be able to prove their identity or get clearance from a colleague inside that they are going to meet. This adds an extra dimension to the safety of everyone on site. It also means that the security staff can account for everyone in the building if there is a fire or a security risk.

The system works both ways ensuring that genuine visitors will know that their safety has also been thought of by the company they have come to deal with.


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