What is so Special About Italian Cuisine?

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If you are wanting to go out for a nice meal, one of the most popular cuisines to choose that makes everyone happy is Italian. Italian restaurants like this Italian Dublin based restaurant www.forno500.ie are always popular places to have an enjoyable meal.

But what is it about Italian food that has ensured that it has remained a popular choice for so many people, even with the influx of new cuisines and food trends in the modern world?

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Italian food is something that traditionally is enjoyed with friends and family over many hours. It allows for conversation and the rich tastes of the food as well as the simple ingredients make it a real people pleaser. Families handed recipes down for generations which made Italian cuisine so successful.

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Italy is also a country that is renowned for being very passionate about food – many of the best foods in the world can be found here, from the traditional pizzas to the array of delicious desserts as well as ice cream and gelato.

Then of course there is pasta, a food created in Italy and enjoyed in a wide range of Italian meals which remain huge favourites around the world, such as spaghetti bolognese and lasagne.

As well as the more well known dishes, Italy is also a region where many of the favourite foods found in Italian cookery are in plentiful supply. From the delicious tomatoes, a staple of many sauces, to the delicious olives that adorn the tops of pizzas.


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