Why Pneumatics is important

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Moving the products that are not solid is a difficult task. Many cannot simply be shoved into bags for shipping and storage. In many cases, it is impossible to do this anyway if, for example, the substance is gas or it’s a liquid. This is why Pneumatic conveying,  like that from Aptech, is one of the best and most valuable ways of moving products around warehouses and to the correct storage area. It’s also the way to move products into tanks for them to be transported.

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Why would we need to go to so much trouble to move such items? Considering the incredible science behind how a pneumatics system works might seem like a considerable use of resources. A pneumatic system creates a vacuum at one end of the tube. This builds and creates an air pressure that moves the product down the pipe. The amount of pressure can be controlled so that the product is not shot along the tubes and pipes too fast.

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Pneumatics is so essential because this is usually the only safe and secure way to move the product. Freezing a gas or converting it into a liquid state still needs careful handling. Also, it’s the only way that it can be moved. Large amounts of small loose items, like animal feed pellets, for example, would take ages to shift by hand. It also means that sterile products do not come into contact with human beings or other foreign contaminants.


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