The competitive world of TV’s favourite psychiatrists

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It’s quite hard to build a show around psychiatry. Plunging the depths of the human mind is not always ripe for comedy. However, if you add in two first-class actors and the tension of sibling rivalry, then you might start to get something going. This was the case with Frasier, one of the longest-running and successful television comedies of all time. The relationship between Niles and Frasier Crane is interesting, intense and also very funny. As with any TV show, the need for a good signal is required to watch it. To get that perfect picture it’s time to use the services of the TV aerial installation Bristol based company They can ensure that everything will be fine.

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It’s hard to imagine a situation where two brothers decided to choose the same profession. Frasier, being the older brother, chooses the career path first. Niles, with a whole world of opportunity open to him, decides to follow suit.

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It’s not really explored in the series. Apart from the results of an IQ test, showing that Niles has the higher score, it seems strange that one of them didn’t go into Law or medicine. They have an interesting competitiveness with each other. Rather than be about sports, the two brothers spar on culture and psychiatry ethics. Niles looks down on Fraiser’s radio show for example. Fraiser lauds his expensive collection of native African art. The best feature is how David Hyde Pierce, as Niles and Kelsey Grammer, as Frasier are able to talk over each other and still be understood and keep the witty banter.


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