Iron from ice: Are the Forresters in Game of Thrones?

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The Forresters are a noble family who rule over the Riverlands from their seat at Ironrath. The family’s main antagonist is House Whitehill, led by Lord Randyll Frey and his son Ser Ryman. They have been in conflict with the Forresters for many years and have tried to take over control of the riverlands multiple times. This article is presented by

The Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones and iron from ice

The Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones revealed a fascinating connection between House Stark and the mysterious race known as the iron from ice. As Bran wargs into a young boy named Wylis, he learns that Wylis is in fact a human with greyscale. His real name is Brynden Rivers, and he’s not only Eddard Stark’s uncle (which means he’s Jon Snow’s great-great-uncle), but also one of Ned’s trusted companions on their journey north to Winterfell. Incredibly, Brynden was born into House Reed after being transformed by an elixir given to his sister by Leaf — one of many strange connections between this ancient race and those who have lived within Westeros for thousands of years.

Iron from Ice

The Children are said to have created humankind from trees: thus their name “Children.” They’re also known for using dragonglass (obsidian) weapons, which can kill White Walkers—the army made up entirely from corpses reanimated by ice magic—but aren’t effective against other foes like dragons or giants (unless you’re Daenerys). They possess magical powers such as teleportation; they were thought extinct until Bran found them again at Bloodraven’s cave; however, now that we know there are still some left among us today it seems possible they’ll return before long…

In a manner of speaking, the Forresters are in Game of Thrones. They’re one of the most ancient houses in Westeros and are descended from Bran the Builder—the same guy who built Winterfell and The Wall. They live in Ironrath, a castle located deep within Westeros’ wolfswood. It’s worth noting that while they live in this area now, they may not always have been there; many historical texts describe them as having lived closer to sea level during their history. Read also: How to make cookies on minecraft

But who are the Forresters?

The Forresters are a noble house from the Wolfswood in the North. They were loyal to House Stark during Robert’s Rebellion and after, and their history is closely tied with that of their liege lords.

The Forresters were always a minor house, but they had rich roots in the past (see below).

Iron from Ice is an interactive narrative

Iron from Ice is an interactive narrative (like a choose-your-own-adventure book) set in Westeros. It takes place during the show’s third, fourth and fifth seasons, but it doesn’t include any characters from the show. You get to choose where your character goes and what they do, which makes it feel like you’re really living out your own Game of Thrones story.

The game is available on PC, Mac, Linux and mobile platforms (Android only). If you play on iOS or Android devices that have Bluetooth capabilities enabled, you can even use controllers such as Xbox 360 controllers or PS4 controllers with them! The game is free to play so there’s no reason not to give it a try!

Iron from Ice’s story takes place during

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, the Iron from Ice video game is a must-play. It’s more than just a typical choose your own adventure game; it adds an extra layer of depth by giving players the chance to play as different members of House Forrester and make decisions based on their motivations and desires.

In Iron from Ice’s story, players control either Rodrik Forrester (the lord of House Forrester), his wife Elissa Forrester (who is now pregnant with their second son Gared) or their eldest son Duncan. Players can choose how each character acts throughout the story and what kind of relationships they build with other characters both inside and outside their family tree, like King Robert Baratheon’s sister Lyanna Mormont or Daenerys Targaryen herself! The choices players make in this game can have serious consequences later on in A Song Of Ice And Fire so be sure not to miss out!


After careful consideration, we’ve decided to call the Forresters in Game of Thrones. There are many reasons why this may be the case: They’re clearly a part of Westeros’ history, they were one of the first families to build a holdfast and live there permanently, they have some sort of connection to Bran (who has been shown several times throughout the series), etc. While it’s not quite clear what role they’ll play in this new story arc (if any), it’s exciting nonetheless!

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