It’s a time of hard work, study and socialising. There are thousands of University societies across the country. These societies are great because there’s something for everyone. If there’s not, you can start your own. These societies are an important part of student life and range from the bizarre to the strange. Here are some of these zanier student societies:

Game of Thrones Society, University of Exeter

It’s not surprising that a society has been formed to celebrate the success of HBO’s series. This is the first society dedicated to the TV series and it hosts regular pub quizzes as well as board games competitions around the show.

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Stitch ‘n’ Bitch, Sheffield University

This group sounds like it would be a lot of fun! This group enjoys knitting and crocheting while having a good moan about the state of the world. For a Beginners Knitting Kit, go to

The Viking Society at Plymouth University

This is the group for you if you are fascinated by the history of Scandinavia, its culture, and the battles that took place. Members enjoy dressing up in Viking clothing and equipment, feasts, and reenactments.

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20 Minutes Society, Newcastle University

What you can accomplish in 20 minutes will surprise you. The students in this group only get a 20-minute notice via text message to meet up. You can get in on this annual mystery holiday if you are prepared to be spontaneous.

Harry Potter and Quidditch Society, Nottingham University

These students have taken it a step further and play Quidditch. Unfortunately, they do not use flying brooms. The game is described as a mix between rugby and dodgeball. Muggles are welcomed.

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