5 reasons to choose a silicone radiator hose

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A silicone radiator hose continues to prove a popular alternative to standard rubber hoses which are typically used to connect the radiator’s various parts to other systems contained in your car or work van, like those used by Slough Man and Van company www.uk-tdl.com/man-and-van-slough.html There are an important component for any vehicle.

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These two types of hoses serve the same purpose and their functionality is essentially the same, however, there are a few important differences and characteristics between them. Here are 5 reasons to choose a silicone radiator hose that is available at car repair stores.

1. Easy removal

Silicone hoses can be easily attached to the radiator’s different components more easily than other rubber hoses.

Silicone hoses are also less susceptible to sticking to these components than rubber hoses, which can occasionally become attached or bonded to various ports and vents on the radiator.

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If you must remove a hose after several months or longer of constant use then you will likely experience that a silicone hose is much simpler to remove from the car’s radiator than its rubber counterpart.

2. Aesthetically pleasing

One of the most important reasons to choose silicone hoses rather than rubber hoses is their more appealing appearance. Silicone hoses have a metallic sheen to them which also helps enhance the visual appearance of your car. As many of us are preoccupied by the appearance of our cars and want them to look as attractive as possible, silicone hoses are the popular choice. Car enthusiasts are also keen for the internal engine and radiator mechanisms to look visually appealing, which is an important reason behind considering installing silicone rather than rubber hoses.

3. Better quality

Silicone hoses are durable, high-quality, and are guaranteed to last a long time without becoming brittle. Silicone, however, is a more expensive material when compared to rubber.

4. Thicker material

The walls of the silicone hose are generally thicker than rubber hose walls.

Silicone is a diverse, high-performance and specialist material with a wide range of uses including consumer products in personal care and industrial products for construction, transportation, electronics, aerospace and health care.

5. Sealing ability

As silicone hoses can be removed easily, they do not fit over the metal areas of radiator ports and vents. Due to this, specialist hose clamps must be purchased which effectively hold silicone hoses in place.


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