How to Zoom in Minecraft

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Previously, zooming in on Minecraft was not an original feature of the game. So you had to resort to mods to do it. Luckily, this is now possible from within Minecraft itself. In this guide, we will explain how you can zoom in on Minecraft to properly observe the elements that are inside the game.

How to Zoom in Minecraft?

It is possible to Zoom in Minecraft without installing any additional software simply by modifying the field of view. The steps that must be executed to achieve this are the following:

  • Press the “ ESC ” or “ Escape ” key to open the game menu.
  • Click on the “ Options… ” button.
  • In this section, you will find the “ Field of view ” option, which allows you to modify the distance and width of what can be seen on the screen.

Moving the bar to the left will reduce the view of the sides and a kind of Zoom will be applied. On the other hand, directing it to the right would widen the view allowing the player to see much more around them. To return to a normal display of the screen, the bar must be left in the center of the button and it must say “ Field of vision: Normal.”

Using a MOD

To make Zoom in Minecraft easier, you need to install a special MOD for it. OptiFine is a MOD used by most Gamers and Streamers, as it allows you to quickly zoom in with a single click. The procedure to be followed is as follows:

Install the MOD

To install this MOD that allows you to add the Zoom action, you must enter the official website of OptiFine (through this link can go directly). When loading the web, locate the version that matches the version of the game being used on the computer and start the download. Finally, it will be necessary to run the file and enter Minecraft normally.

Set up and use

Once inside the game, you must configure a key or mouse button with which you can Zoom in Minecraft. The procedure to follow to achieve this is shown below:

  • Press the “ ESC ” or “ Escape ” key on your keyboard to open the game menu.
  • Click on the “ Options… ” button.
  • Go to the “ Controls… ” section.
  • In the control options, it will be necessary to scroll down until you find the “ Miscellaneous ” section, where you can see the “ Zoom ” action.
  • Click on the gray button on the right side of the screen to edit it and then press the new key. In this way, the configuration of a new user key is carried out.
  • Press “ OK ” to save the changes made.

Once the procedure is completed, the OptiFine MOD will have been configured and Zoom can be done by pressing the chosen key or button. This is a very popular alternative among Minecraft players who want to zoom quickly without having to go into the options menu each time.

These are all the methods that currently exist to Zoom in Minecraft and it is possible to conclude that the installation of the MOD is the best alternative. This is because, after installing and configuring this additional file, activating the function is very simple.

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