Misconceptions about the MOT

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When it’s time for your vehicle to have an annual MOT, you can be left feeling a little anxious. We all rely so heavily on our vehicles to get us from A to B that the prospect of managing without it or forking out for expensive repairs can leave us with knots in our stomachs. It’s also very unhelpful to be told things about the MOT process that later turn out to be completely untrue.

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There are many misconceptions still flying around about mots. So, you can feel more confident about what happens during the test and have a better understanding of whether your vehicle will pass, here are some of those misconceptions:

Your vehicle does not need insurance to get to the garage for MOT

Every vehicle on the road needs to be insured and driving anywhere without valid insurance is illegal. Taking your vehicle to and from the MOT is no exception to this rule, unless it is being taken to the test centre on the back of a vehicle transporter.

You can continue driving even if your vehicle fails

Most drivers assume that any work that needs to be done must be done immediately and in the garage who provided the test. If your vehicle passes the MOT, then you can take your vehicle to any garage for any minor repairs. If your car fails and is deemed unroadworthy course, you will not be able to drive it, even if you have presented your vehicle early for MOT. These are recent changes to the law surrounding MOTs and if the vehicle is deemed unsafe, then you need to have the repairs done at the same spot in the garage. Alternatively, you will need to hire a transporter to move it to another garage of your choice.

An adequate spare tyre is required

Many drivers are concerned that the spare tyre will be classified as illegal, resulting in MOT failure. The truth is that you do not have a spare tyre at all to pass the test. It is advisable to have one, but certainly not required. For more information on getting an MOT Gloucester, visit a site like http://swiftfit.uk.com/

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Front fog lights should work

You might be surprised to know that the front fog lights are not legally required. That’s why you will not find them fitted to any vehicle. If you have front fog lights and the bulb is not-working, this will not affect the test results. The rear, however, must be in working condition.

Non-working back lights are an MOT fail

In fact, the reverse light does not form part of the process involved in carrying out an MOT test. It is wise to replace the bulb, however, not just for the safety of road users but also to make reversing easier for yourself, particularly when carrying out the manoeuvre near a wall or object.


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