Some Finer Points to Consider when Achieving the Vintage Look

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Designing your wedding can be a minefield, especially knowing how to stand out from the crowd – while still staying classy. The vintage look is growing increasingly popular with brides who are looking to distinguish their nuptials with historic stylings.

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Not only are vintage pieces harder to imitate, they stand the test of time. As celebrities like Kate Moss, Keira Knightley and Liberty Ross have shown, vintage wedding attire allows you to create your own unique style.

Do Your Homework

Vintage wedding ideas can come from anywhere – movies, old photos, fashion magazines or even music. Find a style that you love and begin to create your own scrapbook of inspirational material. Not only is this a fun and practical way to plan your wedding, you can show it to everyone from the invitation designer to your makeup artist. Remember that second-hand dress shops can be a goldmine for ideas, as the Guardian has reported. Charity shops and dress agencies, while not necessarily vintage specialists, can provide you with plenty of direction if you’re uncertain how to pull your look together. Don’t forget that bargain accessories can be spruced up to complement your dress on the big day. You can use Adjustable Pallet Racking to put items on as they can be used to look retro and vintage and they are easily accessible from sites like

Coherence Is Key

Having a scrapbook will also help your wedding achieve a coherent vintage look. If your style is 1930s, then stick with this the whole way through. Don’t accessorise a 1930s dress with a ‘50s hairdo, for example. You want all eyes to be on you, not on your clashing look. You can find lots of potential ideas on how to accessorise your dress authentically online. If in doubt, keep it simple and subtle. Women were rarely as flashy years ago as we might be now; look for good quality materials and cuts instead.


Decide early on whether your guests will be part of your wedding style. Although vintage themed weddings are popular, some of your guests might go overboard and wear fancy dress – not the authentic vintage stylings you were looking for. Whatever the case, make sure your husband to be is part of your plans. Nothing is more awkward than a husband who’s uncomfortable with his wedding attire – you want him to be smiling as well!


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