Top of the Modern tanks.

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Since their first introduction in the Great War the Tank has become an essential part of a country’s defence. They are culturally iconic to a nation from the power of the Blitzkreiging Panzer’s and Tigers for Germany, the tide turning resilience of the Sherman from the USA, the workhorse versatility of the British Churchill and the stoic, adaptable and quickly manufactured brilliance of the Russian T-34. What of the modern tank? What is considered the best now? One thing is for sure you can have a go at finding out what it’s like to drive one with a Tank Driving Experience day at a place like

Luckily none of these tanks have been used against each other and hopefully never will, especially as there are Russian one’s on this list. Let’s start with the country famed for tank development at the start of the Second World War.

  1. The Leopard. Germany. The legacy of the name Leopard comes from a formidable tank developed in the later stages of the War. It has so far proved to be better than the French, British and even North American Tanks on the list in terms of overall performance. It is better suited to the Urban environment but can happily operate int the great outdoors.

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  1. The Black Panther. South Korea. In a country where your own countrymen pose and ever present threat and there is no official peace deal the Black Panther fills a requirement like no other on the list. The tank uses some of the technology from the German Leopard and can fire without a human  being to power it. Its way better than anything the North Koreans and Chinese have plus the South Koreans have a 100 active tanks.
  2. MR1A2 SEP. USA. Unusually. for the North Americans this tank does not have a fancy name nor is called after a previous war hero. It’s gun is not as good as the Leopard’s or the Black Panther but it does have a sophisticated armour that uses depleted uranium so hitting it and hurting it is a tall order.

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  1. Challenger 2. The United Kingdom. If you like reliability and solid armour then this is the one for you. It’s not as fast our as powerful as the top three but it certainly does the job. Also its the only tank on this list to see active combat.
  2. Armata. Russia. This one is a bit of an enigma as the Russian’s haven’t released too much about it. It is a much bigger tank than its predecessors and it uses steel, ceramics and composite materials (materials of two different types combined to make one stronger one). It is also supposed to have a radar detection system that fires a decoy rocket that hits the shell being fired at it.

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