Visit England announces Award for Excellence finalists 

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Visit England announce an Award for Excellence finalists every year which highlights the best of English tourism in a range of categories. The awards aim to raise the profile of England as a tourist destination and recognise exceptional commitment to service and superior standards.

One of the most memorable ones was in 2016 with 16 categories in total covering tourism and hospitality. All the finalists received an award at the 8th March ceremony held at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens. The awards ranged from gold to highly commended. Categories include Bed and Breakfast, Small Hotel, Large Hotel, Tourism Pub and Business Tourism.

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One thing the nominees all had in common was their commitment to customer service and ensuring the highest standards are maintained at all times. If you’d like your business to feature on a future shortlist, it is never the wrong time to start raising standards and looking at ways to improve your offerings.
Another idea is to set up your own awards evening where all your work colleagues and customers can vote for who they think deserves a prize.  If you have no experience in this area but want it to go as well as the professional ones you see on television why not use an Events Agency Dublin company found at links like

Creating an award-winning menu

Focussing on high-quality ingredients usually means shopping seasonally and as locally as possible. Food that is in season and hasn’t travelled far from field to plate will be fresher, tastier and will prove the perfect building blocks for your menu. The BBC has an excellent guide to eating seasonal produce that reveals which produce is in season during each month of the year, making it easy to plan menus ahead of time. Ensuring you have a high-quality commercial freezer and refrigerator that is fit for purpose is essential, and reputable suppliers will be able to help you select the right equipment for your needs.

Sticking to hygiene guidelines

If you’re new to the hospitality or catering industry or could simply do with a refresher course, the Food Standards Agency has plenty of tips and lots of advice to help you ensure you adhere to the highest standards. They even have a handy diary you can download and fill in to make it easy to keep on top of hygiene matters; your local authority inspectors might want to see this when they visit your business.

Once you’ve got the basics covered, you can focus on the little touches that really make your business stand out from the competition. In the hospitality and tourism sectors, going the extra mile can often reap big rewards.


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