How To Avoid Cleanroom Contamination

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Cleanrooms preserve the purity of products such as pharmaceuticals and samples for lab testing. The only way to avoid contamination is to schedule regular testing to ensure a facility is up to the latest cleanroom certification CA standards. Find out how facility owners and operators can confirm that a bio-safety cabinet meets relevant guidelines.

Schedule Regular Cleanroom Testing

Routine testing is the only way to ensure a cleanroom is completely sterile. From pharmaceutical plants to laboratories, every type of facility where controlled, sanitary conditions are imperative for quality control and worker safety can benefit from partnering with an inspection service that follows cleanroom certification CA guidelines. 

The frequency of inspections may correspond to conditions within a facility. The United States Center for Disease Control classifies cleanroom facilities based on personnel level, environmental and product standards. The class of work environment and type of equipment used to maintain a sanitary space factor into testing.

Maintain and Upgrade a Cleanroom

Periodic inspections are the best way to ensure that a bio-safety cabinet satisfies all relevant standards. Based on findings of this testing, a facility may require equipment maintenance, repair or replacement. The same company that provides these inspections may be able to complete these jobs and restore a cleanroom to functionality with minimal interruption.

Some cleanroom equipment has auto-detecting functions to assist facility operators, employees and inspection professionals. An alarm can be set for sub-optimal air flow or notifications to check or replace disinfecting lights.

Regular cleanroom testing reveals the presence and source of contamination in a timely manner. It may be possible to maintain or upgrade equipment to meet cleanroom certification CA standards. Regular inspections are necessary to maintain a sterile environment. A service that provides routine testing, maintenance, repairs and cleanroom supplies can help a facility maintain high workplace standards.


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