How to properly light a garden?

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Light your garden properly with lamps, wall lights, or bollards specially designed for efficient outdoor lighting!

Do you want to enjoy your garden after dark? No problem: all you have to do is invest in outdoor lighting. Solar bollards, outdoor wall lights, recessed spotlights … there is a multitude of lights to light your garden, for mood or functional lighting, but always decorative!

Illuminate your exterior from the ground with bollards and spotlights

The first thing to do if you want to get started in lighting your garden is to think about the layout of your outdoor lights. Indeed, the rendering will obviously not be the same if the lighting comes from the ground or if it is placed on the walls: the atmosphere greatly depends on what you decide to highlight!

Thus, coming directly from the ground, outdoor lighting mainly allows you to:

  • Mark your exterior, namely: have rather weak light sources, in order to create aisles and illuminate the main places of passage to facilitate circulation in the garden in the evening. The objective of this lighting is above all to avoid accidents and to secure the exterior!
  • Highlight certain elements of your garden, in particular trees or flower beds which will be sublimated by sober lighting.

To do this, you have for example the choice between:

  • The built-in stainless steel spots to be fixed directly to the ground, waterproof and resistant.
  • The terminal poking directly into the garden soil: simple forms and more popular, they are placed where you want it and allow to illuminate your evenings.
  • The bright LED torch flame effect, as their name suggests, operate with LED but mimic the appearance of flaming torches!

Outdoor wall lighting: make way for sconces!How to properly light a garden

If you want to illuminate your exterior to make it more welcoming and make your garden a real place to live in the summer season, simple lighting of the ground will not be enough: it will need more bright lighting, especially at the level of the walls!

This is to make the outside more visible and welcoming. But also to allow people who will grow in your garden in the evening to be able to do. So with maximum comfort. Having an aperitif, eating, or reading in the dark is not really pleasant …

So put the recessed spotlights to place on the walls and exterior wall sconces simple, design, vintage style industrial … all models exist, all tastes are thus allowed to showcase your patio!

Ambient lighting: candles, garlands, etcHow to properly light a garden

Just because it is above all functional does not mean that outdoor lighting can also be attractive and fun! The proof with ambient lighting, whose main objective is to bring a touch of light. But also decoration ‘in your garden at nightfall!

XXL outdoor candles, garden garlands to be placed wherever you want, bright flower pots to enhance your outdoor vegetation, LED cordless armchairs to decorate the garden furniture in an original way, table lamps of all colors and of all the possible forms for the garden and the swimming pool … Once again, you will be spoiled for choice!

Please note: many outdoor lights run on solar energy! This is very convenient, because they charge during the day, to automatically light you up after dark.

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