Healthy breakfast: myths and ideas

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A healthy breakfast should include foods with protein, vitamins, and minerals. In addition, if you choose a carbohydrate source, cereals such as oats are the best option.

Fasting can be a very valid option for many. However, there are still people who prefer to opt for breakfast. Breakfast can be recommended as long as it is done in a balanced way. In its composition, quality protein foods must appear, as well as fruits that provide vitamins and antioxidants.

What else should you consider? We will show you what a full breakfast consists of and the types of food you should avoid in this and any meal throughout the day.

Food suitable for breakfast

Healthy breakfast

Breakfast, like any meal, must have a quality protein intake. Eating meat or fish first thing in the morning is ineffective. For this reason, it may be efficient to include eggs or dairy in this intake.

Contrary to what was assured for many years, the consumption of eggs does not affect the risk of cardiovascular disease. Thus, there is no recommended maximum number of eggs per week, according to an article published in the magazine Ugeskrift for Laeger.

Dairy is another quality protein source to include for breakfast. You must opt ​​for its whole varieties since in this way the loss of fat-soluble vitamins is avoided. In addition, it is necessary to avoid those that contain added sugars, since this component can harm health in the medium term.

On the other hand, breakfast must have at least one piece of fruit. It is always preferable to consume it whole instead of juice since in this way we take advantage of the fiber. If you want to include a carbohydrate food, oatmeal is usually the best option.

Foods to avoidHealthy breakfast

Traditional biscuit or pastry breakfasts should be removed from eating routines. The consumption of this type of food supposes an excessive sugar and trans fat contribution.

These nutrients cause a state of systemic inflammation that can cause health problems, according to a study published in 2017. Eating chocolate or sugary cereals is also not recommended.

Another food that should not appear regularly is the sausage. Despite the fact that there are different classes and qualities of sausages, they are usually processed products that contain additives in their composition. Reducing their consumption can mean a reduction in the risk of developing certain diseases in the medium and long term.

Examples of healthy breakfastsHealthy breakfast

Below, we present some examples of healthy breakfasts to illustrate what was discussed above. They are not the only possible options, but with these combinations, we ensure success in the first meal of the day:

  • Sugar-free oatmeal porridge with berries and coffee with milk.
  • Yogurt with a handful of dried fruit, an orange, and a tea.
  • Rice cakes with fresh cheese, turkey breast, and a glass of milk with bitter cocoa.
  • Oatmeal pancakes with blueberry peanut butter and black coffee.
  • Scrambled eggs with avocado, pineapple, and tea.
  • Fresh cheese beat with a handful of dried fruit, chopped strawberries, and tea.

We can make different food combinations according to our preferences, or not introduce carbohydrates in this meal. The best way to sweeten the preparations is by adding cut fruit.

Healthy breakfast to start the day well

If we decide to include breakfast in the daily routine, we must ensure that it is made up of healthy foods. Otherwise, the best option turns out to be intermittent fasting.

To guarantee the quality of breakfast, it is necessary to include a protein of high biological value and a source of vitamins and antioxidants. Also, it may be beneficial to include foods with unsaturated fats of the omega 3 type.

Similarly, we should avoid those industrial foods such as pastries or cookies. Its composition is rich in refined sugars and trans fats, which harm health in the medium and long term.

These types of products promote systemic inflammation while promoting fatty weight gain. Falling overweight is one of the worst possible scenarios when it comes to talking about health.

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