5 reasons to consider a career in plumbing

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Plumbing can be a lucrative and secure career. It offers you an exciting and varied job in which you get to meet many people on a daily basis. Everyone needs plumbers for jobs around the home, office or factory – so the market is always there and you can continually gain knowledge and update your skills.

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A skill for life

High academic achievement at school or university isn’t required, but an eagerness to gain practical skills definitely is. The basics are easy to acquire, but an eagerness to keep learning more and improving will take you a long way. If you enjoy learning in a hands-on environment and have people skills, a career in plumbing is the path for you.

Plumbing is a sociable job

You will meet people from many different backgrounds and walks of life, so it helps if you enjoy the opportunity to interact with new people and do not shy away from making conversation. Charming and pleasing customers opens doors to make new ones, so if you enjoy meeting new people it is a career you should consider.

Always in demand

Plumber never goes out of fashion and many skills are transferable, so you could go from fitting boilers to house builds then into industrial sprinklers or HVAC systems – wherever your interests take you. If you need to take time out – perhaps for travel, education or family reasons – a job will still be waiting when you are ready to return. Work offers pick up precisely when you need money the most: according to HVP December 17 is the most popular pre-Christmas date for plumbing call-outs.

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Always something new

Like most things, plumbing is constantly evolving. There are new kinds of valve and rapid press-fit systems even for basic materials like copper pipe available from trade suppliers like Watkins and Powis. Other recent innovations include heat exchangers, leak detectors, Bluetooth shower heads and touchless taps.

A dip in the economy rarely affects the trade

While some industries are quickly impacted by economic recessions, plumbing is rarely affected because it is seen as a basic necessity. Job stability is a key benefit, especially when you are planning a family. Once you have a little experience, you can quickly become your own boss – picking the jobs that suit you best. You can also be flexible about the hours and days you work.


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