How to prevent shoplifting in your store

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Shoplifters can cause real problems for stores, especially if they sell high ticket items such as alcohol, electronics and expensive jewellery and perfumes. There are a number of ways that you can help prevent shoplifting if you own a store selling these kinds of items.

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Security staff is one way to help deter people from stealing items from your shop. These can be subcontractors who work for a professional security agency or you might like to employ your own security guard. It is important that they are trained appropriately to be able to deal with any robbery situations.

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A Security Seal can be used on high priced items and these can be found from places such as Acme Seals and they come in all shapes and sizes. You can find those that loop around the top of alcohol bottles as well as those that fit into clothing and electronics. In some cases, these security seals work with an alarm system that is fitted in the store. If an item is taken from the store without the seal being removed the alarm will sound which then notifies the security staff that someone is stealing from the shop.

A good general security item is CCTV. This can be placed anywhere in the store but is most often recommended near the tills and entrance and exit to the store and also positioned facing any high priced items that you want to protect.


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