How to curl hair without heat?

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When you think of beautiful and defined curls, the head automatically focuses on irons, dryers or curling irons to achieve the desired result. However, currently, there are more and more options and products with which you can wave your hair without using the heat effect. As you well know, the heat effect is not a good method to use every day since it spoils it and burns it.

Do you want to know more? In the following article, we explain How to curl hair without heat to achieve the desired curly effect, keeping your hair healthy and alive. Take note!

How to curl hair without heat?

How to curl hair without heat

Small or large braids

You are wondering how to curl hair at home? Well, one of the classic tricks to achieve perfect waves is to curl your hair with braids. The number of braids you make will determine the number of curls you get, therefore, if you want to wear wavy hair, you should make a lot of braids all over the hair, and if, for example, you only want to curl the front part, you should make braids in that zone. The steps of this technique are very simple :

With damp hair, make the braids in the area you prefer. You can make them of all sizes to get much more volume. Then leave them on overnight and release them when you wake up. Keep in mind that you must tighten the rubber band well so that they do not come loose during the night.

Twists with tweezers

Curling your hair with bobby pins or clips is a perfect option to avoid heat appliances, plus it’s a quick way to get defined waves if you don’t have a lot of time to braid. The idea is to make small twists or twist the hair with different strands to achieve natural and moving curls. Are you interested in this technique? Take note of the process :

With the hair half wet, make small twists strand by strand and hold it back with a clip or bobby pins so that they are well secured. When you have all the strands you want to curl curled up, let them dry for a few hours. If you want, you can do it at night so that the effect is greater. As we have commented in the previous section, you must make sure that they do not come loose at night.

Rollers or curlers

If you are wondering how to curl your hair with an iron, we assure you that it is not a healthy method for your hair. Therefore, we offer you other natural alternatives. Well, you can use rollers or curlers, a classic technique to achieve curls without the need to apply heat to your hair. Also, this trick is perfect for knowing how to curl your hair effectively without an iron. The tip: the more moisture the hair has, the easier it will be to use this classic and the more durable the curl will be, although it will take much longer to dry. Do you dare to try it? Follow these instructions :

Start at the front, dividing the hair into sections. Remember: each strand will be a curl, so you can vary the amount depending on how big you want your waves to be or how many curls you want to end up with. The more strands, the greater curl and greater volume.
Comb the strand well and then wrap it, starting from the tip backward or forwards with the roller.
Finally, fix it with a clip or with the curler itself.
Once you have rolled up all the strands of your hair, let them dry for a few hours.
Then, remove the rollers and comb the hair giving it the touch you want with your hands.

Hair-plopping technique

Are you wondering how to wave your hair without iron and without heat? Well, the plopping technique will allow you to wave your hair with a t-shirt. The steps you must follow are the following :

Wash your hair and without removing moisture from it, apply a product that enhances your curls.
Next, put a long-sleeved shirt on a table or chair and put your hair on it.
You will want to keep your head low so that the curls can concentrate on the top of your head.
Now, cover your head with the shirt to the nape of the neck, tying the sleeves in the nape area.
Let the hair dry inside the shirt for a couple of hours.

Handkerchief trick

Scarves, in addition to being a perfect accessory, can also be a great ally when it comes to curling hair at home naturally and avoiding the harmful application of heat. You can carry out this technique through these simple steps :

Take a medium size scarf. It should be large enough to wrap around a ponytail.
Next, make a high ponytail, pull it forward and cover the bottom of the elastic with the scarf.
Now, start to wrap the ponytail with the scarf until it becomes a high updo that you must close with the end of the scarf as a bow or high updo.
Let the hair spend all night twisted in the scarf.

Curls with socks

Did you know that socks can help curl your hair without using a flat iron or another heating device? Incredible but true! If you want to know more about this technique, take note :

Divide your hair into two parts.
Next, gather each section of hair into a medium-high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie.
Once the pigtails are done, cut the ends of two socks and thread them into the pigtails to make two side bows.
Then, leave each strand collected with a clip so that it is well secured.
Keep the socks in your hair for two hours.

With a topknot

Chignons can offer not only a classic and eye-catching updo for everyday wear but also the ability to naturally wavy hair. And how to curl long hair without heat? It’s very simple. Take note :

Make a high bun before going to sleep. Ideally, in addition to being high, it is also tight. That is, the more hair that is collected in the bun, the better. The image of the ideal bun would be that of a ballerina.
Twist the hair into the perfect bun, then secure it with a rubber band.
Let it go all night and the next morning, you will have curly hair.

With foam

Are you wondering how to curl hair at home with mousse? Well, you should know that foam is one of the best products to achieve perfect and defined curls in the blink of an eye. Also, it is an ideal option to learn how to curl short hair without heat. To achieve a perfect result, follow these steps:

Always apply the mousse to a clean scalp if you want to achieve a defined curl. Also, if you wash your hair with a special shampoo and conditioner for curls, it will facilitate and increase the effectiveness of the foam.
Dry the hair with a towel giving small touches. The goal is to remove moisture while avoiding frizz.
Comb your hair with a wide-bristle brush, as it will help you avoid frizz or frizz.
Apply the foam. Place a small amount of product on your hand and then spread it through the hair, finishing at the ends. The trick is to occasionally scrunch the hair with your hands to intensify its effect and achieve more defined curls.

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