5 sparkling ideas for a glittery wedding

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Who said that a marriage must be only white and pastel? If you like everything that shines, you can indulge in your decorations for glittery wedding, because everything that makes sequins, lights and rhinestones is very glam and decidedly trendy!

British and American fashion magazines often use the term “glitter”, to indicate sequins or, in any case, the brilliant details of ceremonial dresses. It is a glamorous style that almost never leaves you indifferent. Do you already know how to dose glitter and glitter in your wedding decorations? We explain it to you in this article, with a special mention to the total look of the protagonist: from the dress to the wedding shoes …

1. Bright colors on fine paper

The brilliant effects on paper are perhaps the first real love at first sight among couples who love this kind of coloring. The nuances that best lend themselves to representing the glitter style with discretion and refinement are gold and silver but there is no shortage of light effects on blue, red and pink. Dose everything very sparingly to avoid the trash effect. In wedding invitations, choose whether to place the glitter on a particular of the participation or on the inside of the envelope and then use the same effect for the entire printed suite.

2. When the flowers shine

Although the tendency is to prefer wild flowers or compositions that fully reflect the season and the essence of the flower itself, there are still many brides who ask their florist to add a personal element to their bouquet. If you love this style, you cannot remain indifferent to bouquets of flowers enriched with rhinestones and points of light on the corollas or on the stems. In this image, the luminous touch was added to the powder pink roses, without exceeding with numerous artifices.

3. Lights on the table

Glitter will certainly not be missing from your banquet, but beware of the accessories that will illuminate your wedding table.

The glass vases, of different sizes, decorated with magic purple, are perfect to be used as a glamorous evening and outdoor wedding centerpiece. The small size of the jars will make the placé of each table perfectly cured, without being cloying. Instead, avoid rhinestone-rich tablecloths because, in addition to being excessive, they do not have a pleasant texture.

Beautiful and extremely refined are the names of the tables in glittered version: the ideal choice for those who do not have a specific theme tableau but have preferred to opt for a simple numbering.

If your wedding takes place in a festive period, such as Christmas, New Year or Carnival, you can give your guests glittered themed props, to make fun photo shoots. Place them on the various tables: they will be a beautiful wedding placeholder idea.

4. Glitter details on courses

It will seem absurd yet it is possible today: to accompany the courses of your wedding menu with bright touches will be a prestige game of your chefs. The glitter in fact are extremely trendy even in gastronomy where macarons, cupcakes and edible purples on fresh fruit and jellies stand out.

And for your super sparkling wedding, it’s impossible to resist the temptation to make a glittered cake topper with your names or a beautiful quote.

5. Glamorous look for the protagonists

So far we have talked about glitter on decorations but a real glamorous marriage cannot ignore the bright details on the clothes of the protagonists. Even for the groom? Sure! The textures of men’s formal wear can be glittery and bright in the shirt, jacket or glittering details of bow tie, tie and plastron.

The feminine wedding outfits are certainly not for less: those who love glitter and sequins on skirts or bustier will be able to choose a simpler cut, slipped and maybe even short or colored on pastel shades like powder or blue powder.

If instead you want to preserve a more sober and delicate outfit, you can play the glitter card on sandals and décolleté. How about this sparkling model? It will be perfect to put on display on the dance floor!

And to give a touch of light to your face, don’t forget to match up with your trusted beautician: the bridal makeup with a glittery palette, especially for lips and eyelids, is super glamorous, perfect for a chic wedding, evening or celebrated in the period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. In addition, you can study a manicure that includes a brilliant nuance or rhinestones applied on the ring finger where you will put the wedding ring on.

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