What Are The Different Types of Medical Indemnity?

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Several medical indemnity plans exist and they can be a valuable cover to have for GPs, pharmacists, surgeons, trainee medical doctors and healthcare workers in a wide range of medical fields.

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Occurrence based policies provide coverage for incidents that happen during the life of a policy or membership period. This means it doesn’t matter when a claim for negligence might be made so they could be made after the policy has ended if the incident was during the life of said policy. Occurrence policies can be useful for those who wish to have cover that extends many years past the time of practice.

A claims based policy is one in which only negligence claims made during the time of an active policy can be considered. After the policy has finished, no new claims can be made. For help and advice with Medical Indemnity Insurance, visit a site like Howden Group

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When selecting medical indemnity insurance, it is important to find the right coverage. Some plans only cover certain types of claims, such as negligence, while others cover other types of medical treatments. It is important to review the policy terms and conditions to ensure that you’re not paying more than you should. You should also choose the type that is most beneficial for your needs.



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