Protecting your business from gender discrimination

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When employees feel like they are being harassed, bullied or discriminated against it can leave them hating their jobs and in some cases it may force them to leave. This can lead the way for the employee to use an organisation like Employment Law Friend to file a Constructive Dismissal Claim against their employer. It is important that all organisation protect themslesv and their staff from any kind of discrimination and in particular from those that ae defined as protected characteristics in the Equality Act from 2010.

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Gender is one such protected characteristic. It is important that any company ensures that they have policies and processes in place that allow everyone from all genders to be treated fairly and equally. These key areas include transparency in:

  • Recruitment
  • Salary
  • Employment Terms and Conditions
  • Promotion Training
  • Dismissal
  • Redundancy

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It is important for employers to make sure that people of all genders are talented through the same procedures and given the same information. When decisions are made as a result of any of the processes in the areas mentioned above, they should not be based on gender in any way.

There are some instances where you are allowed to advertise for someone of a particular gender to work in a job. These would include personal services that are to protect someone’s decency and privacy such as people fitting bras, as well as businesses actively encouraging people from under represented genders to apply for jobs in their industry.


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